The Why Behind Say It Create It

Say It Create It started as a desire to see real progress in speech therapy and have fun while doing it.  For years I have worked with children and have always tried to find that magic moment when I am getting so much hard work from them and they don’t even realize they are working.  I have tons of articulation cards and have tried every board game, craft and toy imaginable to make this happen.  While working with some favorite cards of mine, I had a child use shape cutters to make the words we were working on and instantly saw a connection that had been missing.  We made twenty “bunnies” and made each “bunny hop”, made bunnies of all colors, had each “bunny eat” and when we were all done we said “bye bye bunny” to each one.  In one simple task using something that children know and love we had created over 100 repetitions of one word and I really saw the progress in what we were doing.  I love my job but I really love my job when I see children making gains and meeting goals!!!  So there you have it….the reason Say It Create It came to fruition and the magic behind seeing it really work.  Stay tuned for the crazy process that unfolded from this and the history behind making the kits!