Say It Create It is not just for Speech Therapists. I am loving it in Occupational Therapy too! I have used these kits to promote and engage some of my older kiddo’s in various printing activities. I also, love them for my younger kiddo’s. They are perfect for developing hand skills. The molding of the dough and pushing down on the cookie cutters is a great way to work on developing those intrinsic arches in palm of the hand, hand strength, bilateral motor skills, and so much more. I would also, like to comment on the dough, it molds nicely and is of the quality that it will not dry out. Containers seal tight, therefore preserving the consistency of the dough. I can’t say enough about how much my kiddo’s love these kits! You will not be disappointed!!
-Wendy Behr, Occupational Therapist

Using Say It Create It In Occupational Therapy

Say It Create It being used in Occupational Therapy! Thank you Wendy Williams Behr for sharing this! What an awesome idea and a cool way to use the kits.

Posted by Say It Create It on Tuesday, June 6, 2017